How to get rid of stretch marks

Complete Guide On How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are nothing more but skin scars and, like many other lesions, they can be prevented, treated and eventually cured or only diminished, depending on several factors. The following information intends to provide you a thorough guide on how to overcome this problem. Nevertheless, a short overview of the potential triggers will help with better understanding the condition and setting the right strategy on how to get rid of stretch marks.

Basic facts:

  • The skin is the largest organ of the human body and its cells are regenerated or renewed on a regular base
  • The natural mechanism of skin growth implies two vital proteins: collagen and elastin; these provide the strength and firmness of the epidermis
  • Sudden weight gain, certain diseases or specific medications can all contribute to ruptures in the dermis – the middle skin layer sitting in between hypodermis and epidermis
  • Stretch-marks begin as pink, red or purple fine draws and develop into fader shades such as gray, light pink or white

Easy to understand, the lighter is the color of your scars the more difficult it would be to make them go away. Taking into account what triggers stretch marks on your skin and the stage when you decide to act on them, you might have to choose in between the following options:

Medical treatments:Hou to get rid of stretch marks

    • Tretinoin creams
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Laser interventions
    • Pulsed dye laser therapies
    • Surgery

Alternative home remedies:

  • Prevention
  • Exfoliation
  • Hydration


Easy to assume, the first category provides considerably faster and more effective options to help you get rid of stretch marks. The risks it presents however should not be overlooked and for this reason they are only recommended when skin affections are quite severe. Consequently, we shall begin by exposing everything you can try at home with over-the-counter products bought from local drug stores or herbal shops.


How to get rid of stretch marks by preventing their development

No matter if your condition has recently begun to develop is starting to advance or you are trying to maintain your body in a good shape, the best first thing you can do is to prevent skin cracks.

Unless you are dealing with an illness or you have a genetic predisposition, you can make a difference with simple rules. Control your weight by eating healthier, having enough rest and following a regular workout training program.

The more you watch those extra kilos, the more protection you benefit from. And very important, fat is not your only enemy as even the accelerated development of muscle mass can have similar effects. In the end, everything that builds up beneath the skin and forces it to stretch will lead to dermis lesions.


How to get rid of stretch marks with effective peeling

 While these scars form on the dermis level, they become visible at the surface as well, otherwise they would not bother you as much with their unaesthetic appearance. In the event they did not develop too much in the skin depth, they can be easily diminished if not completely removed as taking off the dead cells of the epidermis.


You can always use a special kit for home, go to a cosmetics saloon or resort to manual exfoliation from natural masks. Try oatmeal or baking soda for a thorough scrub.


How to get rid of stretch marks with loads of water

We have already mentioned the importance of taking care of what you eat and resorting to homemade recipes for body maintenance. Surprisingly or not, your skin is made from approximately 70% water and its health very much depend on how well hydrated and nourished your body is.

The rule of thumb remains the same: make sure you drink the minimum of two liters of water a day – sodas and coffees do not count. However, internal hydration can and must be doubled from the outside.

If your skin is prone to stretch-marks, using a body moisturizer on a regular base is mandatory. For maximum efficiency choose something to contain glycerin, vitamins E and C, elastin, hyaluronic acid or panthenol. Part of these ingredients only increase the flexibility of the epidermis making it more resistant to sudden stretches while others actually interfere in the regeneration process.


How to get rid of stretch marks with tretinoin creams

Bear in mind that part of the creams and lotions you can use at home, especially those to include large amounts of vitamin A, are only available with prescription so consult a dermatologist for more intensive support.

It has already been medically proved that a consistent part of the stretches that still have the reddish shade and that are no older than six weeks can be improved with tretinoin cream. Nevertheless, we feel responsible to stress the dangers that these products pose, especially for pregnant women.

Designed to simply accelerate collagen production, they can, however, severely irritate your skin and they are only effective, as already stated, with new outbreaks. Since you cannot rely on them 100% when looking on how to get rid of stretch marks, you should fairly ponder all the benefits and the potential drawbacks before asking your healthcare practitioner about them.


How to get rid of stretch marks with microdermabrasion sessions

Like all the other medical interventions, microdermabrasion is a controversial cosmetic procedure. Its functioning principle resides in polishing the surface of the skin with micro crystals that are removed in the end, together with the skin debris, through a vacuum tube. Despite the fact that you can find on the market such kits for home microdermabrasion, professionals strongly advise you to never undergo such a procedure outside an authorized and properly equipped environment.


Before mentioning that this method can help you to get rid of stretch marks that are considerably older, we should also say that critical irritations can be triggered.


How to get rid of stretch marks with laser interventions

Most often laser interventions are used for covering the effects instead of removing the initial cause. Take excimer laser as an example, this procedure focuses on melanin release stimulation. The more of this protein is produced, the faster will be the repigmentation process. In consequence, the color of the stretch marks will change, getting closer to your natural skin shade.

From this perspective it solely depends on you whether you accept hiding your flaws or decide to fight and get rid of stretch marks without tricks, aiming for more reliable and longer lasting results. Choosing a natural method normally helps you accustom with certain body hygiene measures that will keep you safe in the future from dealing with these scars again.


How to get rid of stretch marks with pulsed dye laser therapy

As opposed to the above suggested method, this one targets the collagen production in an attempt of stimulating it. And still, one of its side effects is a slide skin discoloration in persons endowed with darker skin tones. Despite its increased efficiency with new outbreaks, it may work on more developed conditions as well.

For these reasons you should research this option in detail and ask your dermatologist all the questions you might have in order to avoid potential future disappointments. And like with any other laser surgery, anticipate the high costs.


How to get rid of stretch marks with surgery

As a final observation, plastic surgery can be used in order to even the skin in texture and color. It can be performed as abdominoplasty respectively thigh or breast lift, depending on what body parts requires the hardest work.

Techniques are various but all imply effectively cutting into your fat and skin to remove everything that is not necessary. The natural observation would be that this radical change shapes one’s body for the moment but it cannot guarantee long term results if the patient does not commit to implementing the lifestyle changes we have talked before.

Get rid of stretch marks solutions are numerous, irrespective if with prescription or simply over-the-counter. Knowing them all in theory is the first step towards taking the smartest decision. As long as you allocate the necessary importance to this problem and you are aware that professional support is vital, you should be able to overcome this condition and stay free of stretch-marks for a long time.